DIY Picnic Tableware

Summer is a perfect time for barbeques and picnics. Why not start a yearly tradition with the table cloths, placemats, and silverware holders you will be using. What a great way to personalize all your summer events.

For the table cloths, you can purchase tablecloth material at your local craft store or online at Oriental Trading Company. You will also need permanent markers. Have each member of the family write down their names and the year. Now you can each draw a picture that reminds you of summer, or perhaps even picnics. Each year you can add on another picture and note the date by those pictures as well.

Placemats are always nice to use, and they help preserve your table cloths. For this you can use felt fabric, or choose a patterned fabric. You will want fabric pens and laminate. If you are choosing a plain fabric, use the fabric pens to create a design. The designs can either all go together, or be different for each person. You can also create different place mats for different reasons, like placemats for 4th of July. Once your placemats are done cover them with laminate. This will help preserve your placemats and ensure easy clean up.

There are several ideas for silverware caddies or holders. First you can recycle your tin cans from vegetables or soups. Take off the label and wash the cans inside and out. You can use construction paper or cardstock to decorate the outside. Measure out the amount of paper you need, and leave about half an inch lengthwise to ensure there is enough to wrap around the can. If you already have another caddy you wish to decorate there are several options for those as well. If you have a wood caddy, you can decorate using markers and draw on your favorite summer pictures. You can measure fabric and glue pieces to the sides and wrap around the handle. You can also use items like seashells to glue on in various locations.

Have fun creating your own personalized picnic take alongs. Everyone will love your table cloths that grow in personality every year. How awesome to pull out placemats that have been created just for certain holiday’s, or individual people. They will feel special to be able to share these items with you. Have a fun and safe summer!